Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3# UFO Sightings | Brazillian Ship - Almirante Saldanha

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One of the most credible sightings of a UFO in history is from a series of images taken aboard the Brazilian ship Almirante Saldanha on Jan. 16, 1958. The Saturn-shaped object was witnessed by the ship’s crew and several scientists. The UFO approached the island, making a steep turn before flying away quickly. Juscelino Kubitschek, then president of Brazil, confirmed the authenticity of the photos.
“A 747 over Alaska encountered something that was twice the size of an aircraft carrier, that flew circles around the jet. They reported it to the ground, where both the UFO and the 747 were picked up on radar.

“The explanation from debunkers was that it was Jupiter! Boy, airplane radar can pick up Jupiter? It was totally ludicrous. You’re fighting the forces of ‘evil,’ one might say — arrogance and ignorance.”

While some scientists through the years have quietly suggested Earth has been visited by ETs, Friedman is the most outspoken. He’s especially irked by the attitude of scientists who use radio and optical telescopes in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, such as the SETI Instutite in California.

“Their livelihood depends on the assumption that there’s nobody coming here, and if we just wait long enough, we’re going to pick up the signal and it’ll be the greatest discovery in man’s history, and it will help solve all our problems.

“What really bothers me is that the SETI people will tell you there is no evidence for UFOs. Well, they certainly don’t reference any, so there must not be, right? Wrong!”

If so, why would reputable scientists refuse to consider that Earth may be a vacation spot for otherworldly travelers?

“Because they’d have to admit that they’d ignored such a big story for so long and that they were wrong,” Friedman said. “Being wrong is something that scientists don’t like to admit at all.”

Over the past 50 years, numerous surveys and public opinion polls have indicated that people are very interested in and, even, concerned about UFOs.

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